Watch Over Ya.

Watch Over Ya.

Hoping your Tuesday was better than mine, here is a whiny comic instead of a whiny tweet.

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Final Fantasies

Fun Facts!

  • This is my first time drawing Lee’s silly new haircut.
  • I actually disliked this Serah Farron costume so much that I paid the $2.99 on Playstation Network to download a different costume.
  • The crazy chocobo song is the worst but it’ll get stuck in your head for DAYS.
  • This comic was based on a nightmare I had.

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Part 7: the move

And so concludes my great Chicago comic.

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Part 6 and 7: Week of Hell and the Big Move

Pages 14-16, with pages 12 & 13 being withheld from the internet for now.

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The dangers of having both a dark colored cat and a dark colored bath mat.

While I am actually on Week 7, this comic I drew for my joint comic blog with Steff Bomb is my favorite one so far. Are you following Meghan and Steff draw 52 Comics?

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52 Comics by Meghan and Steff

Steff Bomb and I have resolved to create a new comic and post it on the below Tumblr every week of this year. Look for her updates on Wednesday and mine on Fridays.

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Goodbye Parties, wrap up.

Happy New Year!

I’ve come to accept that I’ve fallen really far behind on this comic. I have another page completed after this one, but pages 12 & 13 are Uncle Nagy’s House spoilers so I decided to stop posting these pages until the comic is complete, and hopefully by then the last episode of Uncle Nagy’s House will already be online.

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