This page collects comics that have been completed prior to the start of this blog. They had previously been posted online on either Livejournal or Tumblr, and are now collected together in a format that I hope to be a little less hard on the eyes.

Mini Comics

The Fall is Here

This 24 page mini comic about everything I love about the fall was intended to be a 24 Hour Comic for 2009. Of course, only the first 12 pages were actually completed on 24 Hour Comic Book Day, with the remaining 12 pages completed within the next month. It is my first mini comic ever to be printed. Click the image above to read the comic in it’s entirety.

This is a 24 page black and white comic with a hand crafted cover. Currently in it’s second printing, I do have a few copies of the first printing still available, so please specify if you’d like the first printing otherwise you’ll be receiving the 2nd (I think the updated covers for the 2nd printing are much nicer). Copies are $3 plus $1 for shipping.

The Stars were Exploding

One of my first comic strips ever, this 16 panel comic was inspired by the song of the same title by the band Good Luck. Click the image above to read the comic in it’s entirety.

I broke each panel into a seperate page to create the 16 page, 4 1/4 x 3 3/4 printed version. Covers come in blue, light blue, and that weird sea foam green you see above, so if you have a preference, please let me know. The comic is $2 plus $1 for shipping.

Other Comics

That Time I lost my glasses

A 9 panel strip about my love for roller coasters and my inability to properly prepare for them. Drawn in May of 2009.

Read this comic

That Time I Almost Made-out with my Cat
A true story that only gets funnier with time. Drawn during Wizard World Chicago, August of 2009. Somewhere there exists a 2 sided 8.5 x 5.5 print out of this with my contact information on it.

Read this comic

That Time my Office Prank Backfired
Ways to keep yourself amused when you work in an office, though it’s recommended to have a longer attention span when attempting. Draw in September of 2009.

Read this comic


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