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The Many Uses Of Strong Double-Sided Tape

adhesive sticky tapeStrong double-sided tape isn’t very exciting and won’t win any style points but could become one of your best secrets for projects around the home.

Whether you are splicing, laminating, fixing, seaming or bonding objects together, strong double-sided tape happens to be a far more efficient method compared to screws, rivets and conventional glue. Examples of strong double sided sticky tape can be found at

Some of the reasons for this include that double-sided tape is:

- Economical

- Does not require any drying time

- Adheres quickly

- Creates minimal waste

- There is no mess in its usage or the clean up

- It assists in ensuring vapoor-tight, air and water barriers

Available in various types, sizes as well as solvent-adhesive technologies, you are guaranteed that there is a double-sided tape to match up to even the more demanding needs.

What Is Double-Sided Tape?

Tape manufacturing applies an adhesive thin layer to either side of a substrate material, the double-sided tape which also goes by the name of double-faced tape or double-coated tape is used widely by many industries for the applications like splicing, mounting, packaging, holding and bonding.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive-Tape

Double-sided tape is used more often for sticking two objects or surfaces together. This type of application provides for better craftsmanship and a neater appearance.

Double-Sided Types

The double-sided tapes come in either thin which is usually paper based or thick which is typically foam based, coated with acrylic, rubber or modified versions of these with some that feature differential properties.

The strong double-sided tape that provides a thick bonding-system are more suitable for bonding to non-uniform, unusual, or highly textured and patterned surfaces. The thick bonding system typically include a foam-carrier layer, which can vary dramatically in strength.

The thin bonding-systems are much thinners, and similar to every thing else at manufacturing facilities or job sites, choosing the right type of double-sided tape for specific applications is important.

The Uses Of Strong Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape is not as versatile or durable as duct-tape, yet it still offers several professional uses that extend beyond just mounting. For example, in car-manufacturing, strong double-sided tape has become one of the alternatives to fasteners and rivets and is also used for attaching objects such as dashboards onto the car appliqué.


In addition, truck and RV manufacturers use a specialised type of double-coated tape that bonds panels together, along with fastening the exterior mirror-glass to the housing bezels.

Here is a list of other common applications where strong double-sided tape is used:

- Vapour Barrier Seaming and House Wrap

Double-sided tape is often used to overlap the house-wrap seams to prevent water from migrating behind it. To minimise labour, high-performance double-sided tape can be used to attach the vapour-barriers to your walls in the crawlspaces as an alternative to screws, which also offers an improved air-tight seal.

- Signage and Graphic Arts

In applications that involve bonding, double-sided tape is often the preferred choice for these industries. For signage and graphic arts applications there are several adhesion levels to choose from according to what will be stuck together.

- Sound and Acoustics

With so many buildings that have become air-tight, sound has become a major issue. The double-sided tapes are used frequently in the manufacturing process for attaching foam to the wall panels as well as flooring underlayment to the surface of floors.

adhesive tape

- Expo or Convention Events

All exhibition halls make use of temporary carpets by laying down a specialised double-sided carpet tape, that is easy to remove once the trade show comes to an end that leaves behind no residues.

When holding and securing carpets into place at trade shows or major events, double-sided fabric tape is the go-to choice. This type of tape usually offers medium tack and adhesion, which also allows for an easy removal without leaving behind a residue.

- Tabbing and Splicing

For the paper corrugates and paper mills, the different strong double-sided tapes are essential to just about every core-starting, tabbing, or splicing requirement.

When it comes to choosing the right double-sided tape, there are three considerations to keep in mind, the job, the field conditions and your materials.

From here you can you match up the correct adhesive for your project and then decide on if you need an extra-wide, heat-resistant or outdoor speciality double-sided tape.